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September 13, 2018

Product Launch

Ape Case has just launched three new Cubeze… in GREY! That’s right, the beloved bright yellow Cubeze family has some new members. Keeping with the same commitment to organization, customization and flexibility, the new grey Cubeze are now available in our three most popular sizes!

All three new Cubeze are made of light, but tough padded nylon. Just like our original Cubeze, the material is just flexible enough to easily insert inside another bag or case, and structured and padded enough to be used on its own! The completely configurable padded inside and drawstring closure is perfect to keep your gear protected and easy to access. And of course, the inside of the new grey Cubeze is still lined with our signature Hi-Vis yellow to help you find your belongings easier than ever before!

Check Out Each of The New Grey Cubeze

All Cubeze™ are made of light but tough, padded nylon. It is just flexible enough to easily use as an insert inside another bag or case. Structured and padded enough to stand on their own. Drawstring top closure that can be rolled down the side of the exterior to essentially “disappear” if you wish. The interior padded inserts are completely adjustable or removable. As with all Ape Case bags, these Cubeze™ have the signature Hi-Vis™ Yellow allowing you to see your dark objects inside more easily.

Check Out The All the New AC450

Uniquely recognizable by it’s grey base and attached compass, this bag stands out from others. Made for the adventurer at heart, take this bag with you for those long walks and get perfect nature shots — anywhere.



The Incubezer

Next up on Ape Case’s new product innovation we have the all new AC450! Maybe you can guess by its name, but this bag features a removable Cubeze INSIDE the bag! That’s right, the new Incubezer (AC450) is Ape Case’s brand new messenger bag that isn’t just a bag, but a bag in a bag! The Incubezer comes in two classic colors, grey and silver, and can be carried as a cross-body or shoulder bag!

This new bag is extremely lightweight, making it perfect for travel and all day wear. This bag offers the ultimate solution to grabbing your gear and allows you to pull out the interior Cubeze for faster gear access, or to use as a second bag when you need more space! With three interior pockets (not including the interior Cubeze) and five exterior pockets, one featuring a roll-top style tablet sleeve, this bag is sure to fit all of your needs. On top of that, the Incubezer features an attached compass to help you find your way during your adventures with your Ape Case. As always, the Incubezer interior features our signature Hi-Vis yellow interior for finding your items with ease.


11” L x 5.625” W x 8.25” H


10.5” L x 5.25” W x 8” H


Exterior: 10” L x 5” W x 6.5” H

Interior: 9.5” L x 4.5” W x 6.25” H

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