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It’s a jungle out there; protecting your cameras and delicate equipment on the job, on the road, or even on vacation has become quite the challenge! At Ape Case® we understand this first hand. Our design experts are a group of professional photographers, outdoor enthusiasts and business professionals who put our products to the test so you can enjoy your activities without worrying about your equipment!

Ape Case® is a complete line of thick-padded, water-resistant, multi-pocketed, zippered-up camera carrying cases. High quality is an understatement. We’ll take your needs, and the quality you desire to the next level! Ape Case® has swiftly become an elite brand name, and is currently expanding into other markets. We offer durable storage solutions for your most fragile equipment.

Ape Case® Dares to be Different….TOUGH ALL OVER!

Looking for a good fit for your equipment? Look for Ape Case®.

Ape Case® has the features that make other camera cases seem primitive.

Rugged nylon construction resists wear and tear. The exclusive Hi-Vis Yellow Interior makes it easy to find what you need… fast. Plenty of pockets all around mean more convenience to keep organized.

Robust padding protects all your camera gear. Recessed pocket zippers prevent scratching and stay closed. We even have cases with retractable rain covers to keep things dry in any weather.

Find out why — on the evolutionary tree of camera cases and accessories — Ape Case® is the most advanced brand you can buy. A better case. A better price. The difference is obvious. 

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