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When we say tough all over™, we mean it. Our DSLR camera bags are built to last. We design better ways to carry, protect and organize your gear. We dare to be different. You get a tough case with understated style. You enjoy a top-of-the line case that gives you more for the money. We want to help you find the Ape Case that’s best for you.

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Our largest backpack for the pro photographer with pro gear.

Dryspell 35

Our medium-sized watertight & dustproof case. Great for any gear you need to keep safe

Traveler Messenger Bag

A mix of canvas, brass and leather give this bag good looks while the smooth well-padded interior protects your gear from the rigors of travel.

Pro Tripod

‘Pro” means it’s packed with features like 8-position locking legs, a seriously-smooth ball head with 2 quick release plates, ground level flexibility and simple conversion to a monopod.

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