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| Flexible Padded Storage Bag

Key Features:

Hi-Vis™ Yellow Interior
• Adjustable Padded Inserts
Drawstring Closure for Easier Access
Comfortably fits your DSLR camera and other chargers and cords
Limited Lifetime Warranty

Cubeze 33 in Gray  (SKU: ACQB33GY)

Ape Case Cubeze 33 in Gray is the newest member of the Ape Case Cubeze™ flexible cubes family.  Use it inside another bag or stand alone; on the shelf, in the trunk, wherever or however you use a Cubeze is up to you!

All Cubeze are made of light but tough, padded nylon.  It is just flexible enough to easily use as an insert inside another bag or case. Structured and padded enough to stand on their own.  The drawstring closure is quick and efficient.  When not needed, the drawstring can be folded down the side of the bag.  The padded inserts are completely adjustable or removable.  As with all Ape Case bags, these Cubeze have the signature Hi-Vis™ Yellow interior; allowing you to see your dark objects inside more easily.  The Cubeze 33 was originally designed for camera equipment, but these Cubeze are NOT limited to this genre. Reconfigure to hold virtually anything falling within the full interior dimensions.

These fit great in a backpack, suitcase, tool box, truck box – virtually anywhere.

Weight 4.7 oz
Exterior Dimensions

7.75 x 3.5 x 6 in

Interior Dimensions

7.5 x 3 x 6 in

Measurement Diagram