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| Stackable Lightweight Hard Case 

     Key Features:

Strong, attractive, and lightweight for easy handling
Stackable within the same size – saving space 
Lids open a full 180 degrees allowing maximum access
Stands two ways – with top upwards or latch upwards
Limited Lifetime Warranty

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ACLW13487 Ape Case Lightweight “Stackable” Protective Case. Ape Case® lightweight cases feature American made engineering and design. The quality of these cases are strong and lightweight for easy handling. Customers choose to purchase hard cases of the same size because they are uniquely stackable within the same size. Molded-in male-female groove and channel on the top and bottom of each case hold cases together. The grooves allow you to neatly stack several cases one on top of the other for easy and neat stowage. The top opens a full 180 degrees allowing maximum access. Hinges in the back protect against impact damage. The case features a briefcase style shape with integrated handle, no foam in the lid and base for excellent protection of your items protection of your items.

Our ACLW13586 is similar in size, but has foam.

Weight: 1 lb. 0.7 oz.
 Exterior Dimensions:Interior Dimensions:

see a measurement diagram

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