Ape Case



| Compact DSLR Camera Backpack  

Key Features:

• Front zippered pocket houses an iPad®
• Customizable interior with camera cradle system
• Built-in retractable water-resistant cover
• Hi-Vis™ Yellow interior
• Limited lifetime warranty

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The ACPRO1810W DSLR Compact Backpack is the perfect backpack when you want to carry a decent amount of equipment, without the cumbersome case.  Compact and light, yet surprisingly high capacity, with multiple compartments that can be reconfigured to hold different lenses, cameras and accessories.  You can carry a digital SLR camera with attached lens, with additional room. With Ape Case’s clean, discreet design, You can safely transport your valuable cargo without calling attention to what’s inside.

Padded and water resistant ballistic nylon exterior for durability. Like all Ape Case® Backpacks; the ACPRO1810W features our signature Hi-Vis™ Yellow interior and a built-in retractable water-resistant cover.  Hi-Vis™ Yellow makes seeing and finding your equipment and accessories inside easy.

High styled zipper pulls and accents are protected with weather resistant flaps.  The large front zippered pocket is large enough to house an iPad; which is easily accessible without opening the main camera compartment.  Double zipper to main compartment spans 3/4 of the way around the outside for 180 degree opening for easy storage and removal of everything placed inside. Equipped with plenty of pockets and compartments to hold a variety of accessories and other items.  

At the top of the case is a slick MP3 player pocket with a portal for the head phone cord.  House your music player and listen to music while wearing the backpack. 

Large outside pockets on both sides of the backpack are suitable for carrying water bottles or other accessories.

Limited Lifetime warranty.

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ACPRO1810W backpack image link to pdf infopak .

Built TOUGH ALL OVER for anything you want to protect while on-the-go.

Weight: 1 lb. 14.25 oz.
 Exterior Dimensions:Interior Dimensions:Zippered Pocket Dimensions:

see a measurement diagram

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