Mobile Phone Stand


Mobile Phone Stand 

Key Features:

Designed to fit all smartphones
Easily change between 4 different angles for different view points
Holds phones either portrait or landscape
Non-slip feet keep your phone secure
Slim for ease of storage during travel
Adjustable phone stand is ideal for use on airplane trays, at work or for watching videos
Flexible and lightweight

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Mobile Phone Stand (SKU: ACS315M)

Change the way you use your device with this mobile phone stand. Ape Case® Mobile Phone Stand for iPhone and Smartphones . It has a versatile and flexible design to keep up with your busy lifestyle. Easily change between the four different angles to find the viewpoint that is best for you. It holds your phone in either portrait or landscape position to enhance your viewing experience. The non-slip feet keeps your device secure while you are working, reading or watching videos. This travel phone stand folds ultra-slim for ease of storage during transport or while not in use. It is a wonderful choice for use on airplane trays, desks or tables. This adjustable phone stand is compatible with a wide range of devices.

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